Here is a listing of all files available for download from the fourth edition of Why Most PowerPoint Presentations Suck, by Rick Altman. If viewing on a mobile device, we recommend rotating to landscape.

Filename Type Size
Default.html HTML File 88.1 KB
airline.pptx PPTX File 2.9 MB
background-trick.pptx PPTX File 167.4 KB
book-fair.pptx PPTX File 6.3 MB
bookmarks.pptx PPTX File 5.5 MB
celebrities-in-public.pptx PPTX File 353.8 KB
celebs-intrusions.pptx PPTX File 210.6 KB
celebs-photo_requests.pptx PPTX File 210.5 KB
celebs-privacy.pptx PPTX File 210 KB
celebs-souvenirs.pptx PPTX File 208.5 KB
completerx.pptx PPTX File 251.7 KB
credit-union.pptx PPTX File 5.7 MB
cropping.pptx PPTX File 8.6 MB
downloads <Directory> <Directory>
excerpts <Directory> <Directory>
flying-fruit.pptx PPTX File 96.2 KB
golf-swing.pptx PPTX File 11.8 MB
handouts.mp4 MP4 File 16.3 MB
handouts.pptx PPTX File 839.6 KB
home-automation.pptx PPTX File 300.1 KB
hyperlinks.pptx PPTX File 1.2 MB
livermore-shakes.pptx PPTX File 715.6 KB
make-america-morph-again.pptx PPTX File 32.2 KB
mission-to-mars.pptx PPTX File 2.2 MB
mom-brands.pptx PPTX File 954.4 KB
morphing-photos.pptx PPTX File 4.7 MB
ms-promo.mp4 MP4 File 4.3 MB
no-bullets <Directory> <Directory>
nonsense.pptx PPTX File 72.7 KB
payments.pptx PPTX File 49.4 KB
personal-finances.pptx PPTX File 1.7 MB
photo_lab.pptx PPTX File 4 MB
port-of-long-beach.pptx PPTX File 53.1 KB
refinancing.pptx PPTX File 54.2 KB
sending-emails.pptx PPTX File 82.1 KB
shuttle <Directory> <Directory>
solavie.pptx PPTX File 2.9 MB
spectra-energy.pptx PPTX File 69 KB
template-strategy.pptx PPTX File 21.1 KB ZIP Archive 211.9 MB
webinar.pptx PPTX File 213.7 KB